Kaira Looro Primary School
Ziguinchor Senegal
Collaborators: Riley Ewing / Yuka Imada / Logan Williams

Located in the small village of Agnack Petit, near the Casamance River in southern Senegal, this elementary school pays homage to its forest surroundings while emphasizing music and historical significance.

The design concept celebrates Senegalese cultural heritage through an interactive music room featuring traditional African instruments for students to learn and play.

The school fosters a strong connection with local culture by encouraging weaving activities that integrate the community’s vibrant textile industry into daily learning experiences. At its heart lies a versatile courtyard for storytelling, performances, musical gatherings, and sustainable water collection practices.

Constructed using bamboo partitions for flexibility & acoustics, the enclosed building ensures safety and offers easy expansion potential. Reflective white fabric alongside colorful classrooms inspired by African aesthetics creates a harmonious blend between tradition and modernity within this unique educational environment.