Hydro House
Cincinnati, Ohio [Outerspace]

Hydro House seamlessly melds modern living with a nostalgic nod to the iconic 1960s space race, this envisioned renovation for a singular row house in Cincinnati's lively OTR district is an ode to innovation and sustainability. This extraordinary project weaves together a tapestry of design elements, marrying the allure of space-age aesthetics with functionality to create a truly distinctive living space. The residence features a vertical farm, a captivating rocket ship installation, and a water wheel-powered eco-system, all encapsulating the spirit of cosmic exploration. The vertical farm spans three floors, acting as a lush oasis that bathes the interiors in natural light, while a rocket ship pierces through all levels, serving as storage and a dynamic centerpiece. An elevator seamlessly connects each floor, a sewing studio crafts bespoke astronaut suits, and a water wheel sustains the house. Crowning the structure is an observatory dome, offering a singular resident a celestial view. In the heart of OTR, this row house renovation redefines contemporary living, inviting the inhabitant to embark on a cosmic journey within the confines of their own home.