Creative Factory
Maineville, Ohio

The Creative Factory is an artist and designer innovation center located on the historic site of the Peter Cartridge Factory in Ohio. As an artist and designer, I'm passionate about creating spaces that inspire and foster creativity, and this project provides an exciting opportunity to do just that. With its rich history of innovation and industry, the site is perfectly situated to serve as an artist retreat and education incubator. I envision a space that brings together artists, designers, and educators from all over the world to collaborate, learn, and create. From flexible, open workspaces to state-of-the-art classrooms and technology labs, this center will provide the resources and support necessary to help artists and educators push the boundaries of their fields. Join me as we embark on this exciting journey and reimagine the possibilities of the Peter Cartridge Factory site as a vibrant, inspiring hub for the next generation of creators and innovators.