Cincinnati, Ohio

The modular wall project envelops the ideation of how the body engages with a set of units in different environments. Our team explored and manufactured a series of 60 repetitive units that embodied a solid screen element. Through this project, we explored processes of molding, casting, and material studies. The final development of a single unit was created by casting a blend of fast-setting cements, sand, and gravel into a two-part polyurethane mold that we keyed using crown hex nuts. The modules weighed in at 25lb each with a total wall weight of 1,500lbs. The units were joined to one another with 1” PVC tubing and imbedded caps to allow a seamless connection. The variation of 3 diameters in each unit provide numerous configurations upon assembly. Within the process of developing our modular wall, we considered cost, materiality, fabrication time, and countless other details to curate our final design. In all our team was awarded an AIA Ohio Student Design Competition Honorable Mention.